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lzf panel

Lzf lamps, or Luzifer as they were originally called, is a small company making very special lights for very special people. Founded at the end of 1994, this company has been making handmade lights exclusively out of wood veneer right from its beginnings. This noble material creates a spectacular lighting effect, projecting the internal beauty of the wood and radiating a delicately warm and attractive atmosphere to both domestic and contract settings. Winner of two Good Design, two Design Plus and one Red Dot prize, Lzf has found its place amongst niche market suppliers worldwide.



Our friends at LZF have been cooking up a storm with their new High Fidelity collection which they launched during the Milan Festival 2013 – Pavilion 11 | Stand D32.

The High Fidelity collection brings together music and graphic design with a presentation featuring an outstanding quartet made up of music, graphic design, motion graphics and products.  The musical rhythms and the graphic images unite with each lamp to form a multi-sensory compilation that embodies the spirit of this year’s collection.  The presentation itself featured 12 songs, 12 album covers, 12 posters, 12 almanac pages and 12 animations to accompany 12 lamps.

In a sense, music has always been part of LZF’s DNA and has accompanied them from the very beginning. But never before had they brought their lamps together with music in such an explicit, conscious and deliberate manner. At last, the new High Fidelity collection has provided them with the opportunity to pay this long overdue tribute.

The five new lights that LZF have launched alongside their existing range, still, has the greatest level of attention with precision so detailed that every light has been hand-made with the greatest care. To View the collection please click here.



 Agatha              Anfora                  Armadillo                Farolillo                    Gea              Hola

          Agatha                     Anfora                   Armadillo                Farolillo                       Gea                                  Hola


I-Club           Icon         Link            margarita         Mini Mikado

                    I-Club                                        Icon                      Link                          Margarita                    Mini Mikado

Nut               Poppy                Raindrop                 Romanica

         Nut                               Poppy                       Raindrop                       Romanica


Saturnia                      Spiro               Totem 

                Saturnia                                                    Spiro                                      Totem


     X-Club              Chou              Chou                  Cuad                Escape

              X-Club                                             Chou                                                  Cuad                                         Escape

        Domo                i-club slim                  Candelabro

                Domo                                              I-Club Slim                                                Candelabro

               Rain Drop Cluster                       raindrop cluster                            raindrop cluster

                                              Raindrop Clusters


Air                Gea               Guijarros                   I-Club                             Mini Mikado

       Air                          Gea                            Guijarros                               I-Club                                    Mini Mikado


 Orbit            X-Club                pleg

            Orbit                        X-Club                              Pleg


Anfora                   Cosmos                        i-club                        Link                      Mini Mikado

     Anfora                           Cosmos                             I-Club                               Link                               Mini Mikado

Chou   Chou            tilt

                                      Chou                                        Tilt


table light

 Air               Anfora              Cactus            I-Club            Tilt          X-Club

       Air                      Anfora                       Cactus                         I-Club                                  Tilt                           X-Club

Chou  Chou           carambola

                                                     Chou                                         Carambola



 Paisley       groove

   Paisley          Groove